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Become a Professional Better with this amazing system!
We Give You Daily Power Play Bets
You simply Follow our Lead.
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I'm a new to betting, what do I need to do and how do you help me exactly?
Newbies are welcome. The purpose of our system is to make you money and save you time. Our Master Handicappers (Tipsters) use their expert knowledge to select only the best bets for you giving you the highest chance of winning. Unfortunately 99% of bettors eventually end up giving back any profits they make. We make sure this doesn’t happen to you by doing everything we can to make sure we pick the winners not the losers. By following our proven system and placing the bankroll system we recommend into action, you can be amongst the 1% that actually profits from betting on sports!
Our team of experts work a non-stop 18 hours each and everyday to search for the winners in that day’s scheduled games – they do this to make certain our members are protected, this is as full proof as betting can be. Our Master Handicappers only make their selections once they have explored a bet from every perspective - ONLY THEN do they hand it over to members, the most profitable investment opportunities have been selected this way. With our proven system in place members can relax knowing you’re in good hands. As a member you are notified of these picks each day and by logging into the Members Only area you can access today’s bet.
All of Master Bettors share a detailed explanation of the rationale and reasoning behind their advised bets so you understand exactly where they’re coming from.The teams selections are based on historical trends, patterns, match-ups, who the public is on and many other factors.
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When do I receive the picks?
Usually our picks are uploaded to the Members' Only area around 5PM EST (10PM GMT) on weekdays. This is usually the case however, as every day is different and it all depends on what time the first game we're wagering on starts that day. We always try to give our members enough time to place their bet comfortably and almost always post the picks at least 15 minutes before the games start. We recommend that our members review the days fixture list starting time, and this will give an indication of when the picks will be released. Note, our aim is to use all the signals possible, including public betting amounts and sharp betting signals. This sometimes means the picks are given out very late.
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How many picks will I receive?
This depends entirely on a) the Membership level you are subscribed to and b) how many good sports investment opportunities our Master Handicappers team of experts identify for each day. Both our Gold membership and our Platinum membership share picks from all sports.

Gold Memberships get one Pick per night, and every now and then a free play (extra bet). This is perfect for the small bank roll and hands off better. Note: All Members and none members can access the Free Plays and this does not follow our pawer play system.

Platinum Memberships get as many as 4-5 plays and some nights, it'll only be 1 pick. Our only goal is to help you profit, we don't feel the need to bet on every single game and take chances if we’re uncertain. If a bet doesn’t meet our rigorous standards we won’t play it, we don’t take chances unnecessarily, especially with your money and more importantly your trust. If we lose our members trust then our system is a failure – we don’t want that, we want to be the in a class of our own and the only way to do that is to play by the system we have invented and never veer off – this is when things go wrong and we shift from the 1% winners to the 99% losers.
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Which sports do you make selections from?
1) NFL
2) College Football
3) NBA
4) College Basketball (NCAA)
5) Baseball (MLB)

Our sources abroad do give us hot tips for Soccer and Tennis, Horse Racing and Cricket matches occasionally. Although these aren’t very frequent when they do come in they can be highly profitable! These suggestions are usually carefully selected underdogs where you risk losing but the odds are higher and you can win a fortune! Our Soccer and Tennis picks are ONLY sent to those with a High-Roller package.
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What is your percentage of wins?
Our stats show we have won 64.7% of our individual bets last year – THAT’S AMAZING!
However our system is set up using a reengineered version of the martingayle system, and to date we have not lost. This specially adaptation of a commonly used betting formula has ensured that we have managed to generate profits 100% of the time.

Furthermore our first goal is to get you to play with "house money". Getting you to a position to never have to dig into your own cash. We're here to make $$$ by making the right decisions the majority of the time and then using our 1-4-3 formula to ensure any losing plays are turned into profit with the power play system.
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What is your Cancellation and Refund Policy
You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging on to your paypal account and cancelling your subscription. Please also send and email to to confirm the subscription wasn't cancelled in error. Upon Cancellation, your access to the membership back office will cease, and you will no longer receive our BSP play of the day from the point of cancellation. BSP Free Plays will continue until you unsubscribe. Should you wish to receive the picks for the remainder of the month that you have paid for, please cancel your subscription just prior to the renewal date or email us at for assistance.

Refund Policy. Within the first 30 days of membership, should you not be satisfied with our system you can request a full refund. You must have tried our system for at least 20 days, and provide proof that you used it and could not get any profitable bets (screenshots of your betting accounts , list of losing bets etc) and you will be given your full money back. Refunds will not be issued if we believe you have not given our system the chance to a) be profitable (usage less than 20 days) b) you flat bet c) we have a greater than 65% win rate as outlined in the Q&A, d) you are not making a profit because your bets are too small a unit. e) your membership is beyond 30 days.

We need to apply these rules, as in the past many people join for 5 - 10 days get a profit and then ask for a refund. Then join again for 5 -10 days and ask for a refund. Yes they spoil it for everyone.

We are looking at adding a 7 day trial. In the mean time, should you wish to try our system, please follow our Free Plays. the results of the Free Plays are not quite as good, but still good.

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What are your Units and how do I calculate them
A “unit” in sports betting is a measurement of the size of someone’s bet. Because everyone has different sized bankrolls for sports betting, using the term unit is a way for us to show your profit or loss in universal term and also gauge the size of the stake based on your bank roll. When placing a bet, if we give a unit gauge, use 1 Unit as 1% of your bank roll, 2 Units means 2% and so on. But in reality, place the bet as large or as small as you can afford to lose.
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How Much do I need to bet to make a profit?
There is no minimum or maximum amount to bet, however, your monthly subscription is around $3 per day. Our average return on the $ is 60c (60%) prior to membership expenses. Therefore we recommend your bank roll be sufficient to sustain at least a $10 per day starting bet to make a small monthly profit.
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By participating with this system, you agree that every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Just like any other betting or cash system, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples and testimonials in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Income claims or results shown in this site are purely based on estimations, some user experience and are not typical for every user. We do not know future results nor can we guarantee that you will win. As with any betting activity, you run the risk of not making any money at all and also risk losing money. You must obey the laws in your state, territory, or country as it pertains to betting on sports online. Laws are different everywhere so please be sure you verify it is legal for you to bet sports online in your area. Were winning s are received, you are liable for paying your own taxes that may be due.
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